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Burgers. The official Rolls Royce of the sandwich club. Never has there been a more eloquent construct of ingredients to offer composition to every bite. As simple as they may seem, burgers are the metaphorical equivalent to the English language - easy to grasp, but the hardest to master. Here’s an ordering hack that would bring you to the quality end each time.

The next time you get that craving you can’t deny, your best bet is to avoid the obvious ‘burger specialists’. Why? Because whether the simple fast food joint or the gourmet burger offering, one thing remains the same. Their order of the day is to make burgers on scale. That requires large quantities of prepackaged chuck with a ratio of fat. And then, it’s all about either handcrafted assembly, or routinized assembly line. Sounds like quality? Not just yet.

Get the best of a burger by heading over to your nearest bar, or perhaps, steakhouse. Your patty is now no longer a pile of ‘burger meat’ slapped onto a grill. It is a perpetual carving of steak ends, and fillet corners that don’t make it to manicured steak platters or roast tables. Instead, these odds and ends are put together to create beef patties that find their way into burgers. Yes! Odds and ends of quality meat. The result is more flavour, better texture, and beautiful juicy bites.

Taking this notion into your own kitchen is a word to the wise. The next time you’re trimming the edges of your ribeyes and sirloins before you cook your steak, store the unwanted meat, set it aside. When you have enough, chop it down to a mince, shape your patty and assemble your burger. You’re welcome.

Contributor: Fernando Miranda 


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  • Rasha Saadi: September 04, 2018

    The picture and all this talk about burgers got me hungry. This looks soooooo good!

  • Lina Nader: September 04, 2018

    That’s how i like my burgers!

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