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We’re not all made to be Chefs, it takes blood, sweat and tears, some luck and years of hard work and dedication. But sometimes,having the right tools is half the battle won. And we want to prove this to you. So we’ve created the perfect knives, knives so functional that they can make food less of a chore, and more of an adventure, knives so beautiful, that you can proudly flaunt them on your kitchen counter, knives so comfortable that they give you the necessary confidence, to look past cooking and start creating. We’re not all meant to be Chefs, but we can still make the cut.
Make The Cut with Pacific67

We Believe in Sharp Quality

Our knives are ready for whatever your kitchen throws at them. We started with Japanese VG-10 steel, tempered it to a 62 on the Rockwell hardness scale and sharpened it to a 17-degree angle giving you something sharp, but more importantly, something that stays sharp. 

We’ re Crazy about Function

This is the result of hundreds of hours of testing, combining and modifying Japanese and Western blade design, giving you a tool that does the real work, while you enjoy the full versatility of its ergonomic design.

We never Compromise on Comfort

When you pick up one of our knives, you’ll enjoy a surprising sense of comfort. The kind that turns an average kitchen experience into an adventure.

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